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About PAL After School

The PAL After School Program is geared to make a positive difference in the academic success and in the artistic, recreational and social development of elementary school children.  It was created with best practice research on after-school programming using a framework of principles considered critical to a successful program. These principles include emphasizing learning as the central mission of the program; use of professional staff; small group instruction with high staff to child ratio; providing a safe, secure, adult supervised environment; emphasizing parental involvement; strong collaboration with local schools and the community.  The program has three components: 1) PAL SMARTS – Academic Enrichment 2) PAL ARTS – Arts Learning and 3) PAL FIT – Fitness/Wellness and Health.

Academic Enrichment: PAL Enrichment is an academic enrichment component of PAL After School programs designed to enhance the academic performance of youth by engaging them in educational, cultural and recreational activities that compliment lessons and concepts taught in school.  This program includes homework assistance, technology, art and social recreation.

Health, Sports & Fitness: is a health, sports & fitness component that includes nutrition, life skills, fitness and sports needed to lead healthy and active lives. PAL Fit includes three components—physical fitness, healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition—all of which are addressed within the broader context of the family, community and socioeconomic circumstances.

Leadership Mentoring: Students from local schools are matched with active and retired law enforcement officers as well as with other screened volunteers for PAL’s mentoring programs, including Explorers, Investigators and Cadets.  Over the year, mentors volunteer on a weekly basis and take part in educational, athletic, and recreational opportunities with participants.   PAL’s Leadership Mentoring programs inspire youth to make positive life choices through exposure to positive role models & activities.