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CADET Program

The Redwood City Police Cadet Program has a long and well-established history of offering valuable experience to local teens and young adults as they explore the vocation of law enforcement. At the same time, these volunteers provide many hours of service to the Redwood City community during City events and large-scale incidents handled by the Police Department. Yet the Program also strives to provide participants with direction and guidance to prepare for the responsibilities of becoming a successful adult.

The Cadet Program has refocused its emphasis on early development of youth interested in seeking careers in law enforcement. Throughout the year, cadets learn and practice police techniques including enforcement tactics and strategies, legal precedents and statutes, and community policing. Those who are interested travel regionally and throughout the State to compete with other Cadet teams in order to further develop their skills and challenge their resolve to pursue a career in law enforcement. In recent years, the Cadet Program has grown into an award-winning group, gaining regional acknowledgments for their performance.

Cadets are unarmed and are not police officers, nor do they undertake enforcement tasks in any capacity, however cadets are exposed to policing topics within controlled environments and under close supervision of Police Department employees. The primary goal of this program is to expose youths with an interest in law enforcement to core values and functions that frame this profession. The Redwood City Police Department continues to benefit from the Cadet Program, as a number of cadets, have eventually gone on to be selected as police officers.

The Cadet Program is located in the Police Activities League (PAL) building on Bay Road and enjoys partnership with this program as Cadets serves as role models for youth in the community. Cadets must volunteer at least ten hours of their time each month, as well as attend monthly meetings and training sessions. Working with sworn police officers at public events and assisting in various capacities throughout the Department helps the young people develop new leadership skills and explore many of the facets of public service while learning to stand on their own two feet. More information can be found on the Redwood City Police Department’s Cadet Program webpage at: