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PAL programs focus on three key areas including:


Education enrichment programs where students will be provided with the resources, help, and guidance they need to succeed. Our goal is:

  • To improve student’s competency in school
  • Increase enthusiasm for academics
  • Ensure students are ready to move on to their next level of education.

Health, Sports & Fitness are aimed at improving the physical as well as social-emotional, health, and well-being of the students we serve. Members who participate in our program will:

  • See an Improvement in behavior & self-esteem,
  • Increase fitness levels and overall well-being
  • Increase knowledge of physical fitness as an essential part of life,
  • Increase awareness of eating nutritious foods with proper portion sizes
  • Support lifelong changes in behavior to curb obesity

Leadership Mentoring programs where students will receive the individualized attention and guidance they need to make positive lifestyle choices. Participating students will:

  • Avoid or reduce risky behaviors such as drug/alcohol/tobacco use
  • Establish and pursue academic goals
  • Explore potential career interests.
  • Engage in service activities to increase knowledge and understanding of civic responsibilities.